When we work together, this is what it looks like:

  • Original visit to your home (plan for 1-2 hours).  At this visit,I will walk through every inch of your home with you as you take detailed notes on what is to be done.(minus the hanging of artwork.  Artwork will be kept aside for my second visit. Remember, the work to be done will be yours, the coaching will be my job!
  • We will set goal completion date for all the tasks needed to be done, and at that time I  will return to make any small adjustments to the final look of the home.  I will also then counsel you specifically on the placement of artwork.  
  • Another option is to do both meetings virtually using Facetime!  If you live in another state or even in another country we can work this way!  It is absolutely effective!
  • At times there can be expenses outside of my services.  This could be for simple white curtains in a bedroom, a piece of large artwork, the rental of a “POD”, or removal/replacement of a dead shrub or tree.   All things of this nature, if  impactful, will recommended by me, as options along with ideas on how to do things at the lowest cost possible.  My goal is to keep these added costs to $0-$200.
  • Home makeovers!  All of the services I provide for staging a home for sale can be used to just make your home prettier, fresher and more Well designed!  An interior  decorator can cost  fortune, and sometimes all the advice from friends and family can become more confusing than helpful.

REMEMBER every recommendation I make is simply that.  

A recommendation.

I always tell my clients that they can decide to do all of it, part of it or none of it.  However,to the extent you choose to do all of it will definitely give you the highest probability of a faster sale at a higher price!  (Cha Ching!!! In a good way!)