When we work together, this is what it looks like:

  • Original visit to your home (plan for 1-2 hours).  At this visit, I will walk with you through every inch of your home as you take detailed notes on my recommendations.  Artwork will be removed and set aside for my second visit. Remember, the work to be done will be yours, the coaching and guidance will be my job!
  • You will set your desired completion date for all the tasks which need to be done.  On completion date I will return to make any small adjustments to the final look of the home and re-hang artwork.  
  • Another option is to do both meetings “virtually” using Zoom!  If you are concerned about social distancing, live in another city, state or even in another country we can work this way!  It is absolutely effective!
  • At times there can be optional potential expenses outside of my services.  i.e., simple white curtains in a bedroom, a piece of art, the rental of a “POD”, or removal/replacement of a dead shrub or tree.   All things of this nature, if  deemed impactful, will be recommended, as options.   We will always discuss ways in which to keep your costs down.
  • Home makeovers!  All of the services I provide for staging a home for sale can be used for staying in your home too!  I can help you make your home prettier, fresher, more updated and put together!  You might even feel like you have a new home!

REMEMBER every recommendation I make is simply that.  

You decide to do all of the plan, part of it or none of it.  However, to the extent you choose to take every recommendation, the more successful the outcome will be.  You will either achieve a higher price and faster sale of your home…or maybe just the chance to fall in love with your home again!