Dawn Ohnstad is a certified professional stager and owner of Stage Right Coaching.

“Restyle” Your Home!

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There are lots of meanings for the word “Staging”and the first thing most people think of is a moving company taking out their furniture, needing to hire painters, rent storage units, and the stress of it all!  I will say, this type of staging is sometimes exactly what is needed when selling your home.  However, sometimes there is a better way!  And sometimes it isn’t necessarily just for selling your home.  When you work with me, “staging” really means “restyling” and it’s for staying put and loving your home again with a simple facelift!

 We can use your existing furniture, and belongings to make your home feel new!  Plus, I can do the job for you “virtually” (as in using Zoom and online shopping).  And most of all, I am fun!  (Ha! I really love doing this!)   

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Mira Martin, Minneapolis MN

“Dawn staged our house when we put it up for sale in 2008 and it looked fantastic!   Little did I realize that removing clutter, rearranging, making some inexpensive changes, and simplifying some rooms could make a world of difference.  In fact, after she completed the staging, I nearly considered taking the home off the market!  I would highly recommend Dawn’s staging services at any home value.”  


Kathy Miller, Bloomington MN